Studio Transcendent was founded by Aaron Nicholson and John Dewar.  They worked together for years at The Code Builders, LLC--Aaron as Founder and John as Director of Technology.  In 2014, John took a strong interest in virtual reality and joined the studio Kite and Lightning, working on projects such as Senza Peso and The Voice 360.  In October 2014, they reunited to launch Studio Transcendent, a blend of their diverse artistic and technical passions.

Studio Transcendent has since expanded to include a team of 3D artists, developers, projects managers, sales and public relations staff, all committed to delivering premium VR experiences to their clients.


Here's a glimpse of Aaron and John’s personal journeys to Virtual Reality:

John:  I've always had an interest in VR.  Even before I experienced the device, I knew it was going to be pretty exciting--the next big thing.  It's such a powerful technology, so involving.  The way it transports you--it really works well.  It's so far beyond the 3D movie.  VR forms a memory in your mind that's as if you have actually experienced that event.  It's very powerful and very enthralling.

Aaron and I have been working in a programming space, delivering software.  I was feeling like I was missing something: I had an artistic urge deep down that wanted to resurface.  I had started out in film school, and I wanted to direct film, to do the creative part of the work as well.  VR struck me as opportunity to merge my skills together.

With VR, you have to understand how the eyes see, how the brain processes information, how to program things--you can't just use all of the built-in tools.  My whole career seems pointed at this blending of the artistic and technical.  It's a wonderful opportunity for my skill set.  I feel this incredible urge:  I just have to work in VR.

Aaron:  I come from a background in theatre, music, and the visual arts.  I have made films, been an actor, a set and lighting designer, a technical director.  I have a career in programming and design and feel that VR is a great way to bring all my experience together.

VR is a transcendent medium--which plays on our brand name.  It is a meta medium, an integrated medium, an obvious fit for us.  Storytelling is our focus.  We want people to be able to live the stories that we create.