AYEM is a new nutritional yogurt brand made by a multinational food company. We delivered AYEM an engaging and fun VR experience to showcase the new product, while educating the user. It activated at a pop-up outside of Paddington Station in London.



A French multinational food-products corporation based in Paris created AYEM to address the growing market of people over 40 who need additional supplements in their diets. AYEM is aimed at assisting people 30+ in easily incorporating important proteins and Omega DHA into their diet with a yogurt type product.


The Approach

  1. Develop an entertaining experience with an underlying educational aspect to promote AYEM.
  2. Incorporate the use of hand controllers to allow a fun and engaging experience that will help drive crowds, promote the product, and create a buzz.
  3. Use Mixed Reality to give the user something to take-home in addition to knowledge and fun.
  4. Create a beautiful experience that parallels the positive benefits of the food itself with a friendly British host.



AYEM wanted Studio Transcendent to create a VR experience for a pop-up store outside of Paddington Station in London, England.

The goal was to create an immersive, beautiful, and educational experience that highlighted one of AYEM’s new yogurt products, subtly relate to the product within the experience, and make it appealing to people passing by the pop-up.


Studio Transcendent’s creative team began at the top of its “ideation funnel” to bring the experience to life with concept art and storyboards. The host, Clara, instructs the user on what to do in the experience—throw plant food at plants, protein at weak muscle fibers, and Omega-3 DHA at weak synapses of the brain—all while keeping it fun and not like an advertisement.



Titled AYEM Journey, this interactive experience was activated in a pop-up storefront outside of Paddington Station in London, England. The leaderboard kept it competitive for friends and family coming in, and a mixed reality photograph left users with something to take home, on top of the knowledge they had learned within the experience—all tied to the brand for a positive memory correlated with the product.


Users begin in a canoe in a lovely river valley, guided by a friendly host who takes them on an interactive journey through the body to learn the benefits of Omega 3 DHA and Proteins. 

On top of a fun and educational experience, void of any brand forcing, the user receives a mixed reality of themselves inside the experience, seated in the canoe.

AYEM preview below: