A major pharmaceutical client wanted to use virtual reality to help train doctors in administering diabetes consultations with patients. We built a virtual doctor's office and captured the performances of two actors to drive the animation of 3D avatars that portray female and male patients. As the doctor uses the VR experience, a technician cues responses from the avatars in response to the doctor's actual questions. This creates an opportunity to simulate real patient interaction around diabetes medication needs.

Training can be expensive. This project is another example of how virtual reality can be a long lasting solution for reducing cost and increasing consistency in corporate and medical training scenarios.

Feedback from our clients at AppliedVR:

"I wanted to shoot you a quick note to say how happy and appreciative I am about the recent training project. I’m not sure how you pulled that off in that timeframe and that budget, but it turned out really fantastic, and I’ve been hearing the client is really happy. Thanks again!"

Josh Sackman, President, AppliedVR