To help you decide exactly what direction to take your project and to ensure the greatest impact, we work with you to narrow down broad ideas into fully fleshed out concepts ready for green-lighting.

For Virtual Reality, Augmented RealityTelevision, and Video Games

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Our Ideation Funnel

Funnel Stage 1

High Level Concepts: Broad ideas akin to log-lines for film or advertising.

Examples of Studio Transcendent's High-Level Concepts - the ideas below were made for an entertainment brand VR experience.


The Relativistic Train

A lot of Einstein’s thought experiments had to do with trains. As you join The Olympia Academy in his study, Einstein explains some of the thought experiments to you and they are modeled on a miniature train set that magically appears in front of you. You can jump around between the point of view of the different observers and compare what each of them sees as the scenario plays out.

For example, you could be on a train bouncing a ball that moves at the speed of light (with hand controllers), and then jump to a platform along the tracks and watch as a recording of you bouncing the ball moves past. Notice that the path the ball takes is much longer now. Einstein stands next to you on the platform and helps explain what has happened.

Suddenly, lightning strikes both ends of the train at once! Einstein points out that if you were riding the train you would have seen the lightning strike the front first. Would you like to see for yourself?


Most people have heard it, but how many understand it? In this experience, we get a lesson from Einstein himself that allows people of all ages and education levels to understand what the formula really means as relativistic speeds are reduced to the point that you can move objects around with your hands and observe as their mass increases depending on how quickly you move them.

Falling Man

Now you are the falling person. You get to experience the principles that Einstein deduced from his various thought experiments in this area by living through them.

You are weightless in an elevator with Einstein. Then Einstein removes the walls and you see that you are actually falling towards the ground. Just before you smash into the ground, he snaps his fingers and you are floating in outer space, still weightless. Now he puts the elevator back together and you are standing on the floor quite normally, weight restored. What is happening? Are you safely back on Earth? No, Einstein removes the ceiling, and you see that in fact the elevator cable is pulling you rapidly upward with a constant acceleration.

Marbles on the Fabric of Spacetime (with Hand Controllers)

The viewer towers over an interactive model of the cosmos. Massive suns and planets are reduced to the size of marbles! Using Touch controllers the viewer can add objects to space and send them spinning through the fabric of space time. Worlds will collide and obliterate each other in this addictive experience that puts the viewer in charge of their own relativistically controlled universe.


Use Posters as Tracking Markers

The poster itself might be a poster of Einstein. When your mobile device is trained on the poster, he jumps out and guides you through concepts of relativity. The poster acts as a tracking marker, and you can move your mobile device around at relativistic speeds to illustrate Einstein’s concepts.

Mobile App

Relativistic Time Tracking App

App tracks your location throughout the day. It gathers how much you’ve moved around during the day. You can invite your friends and see how your activity compares to theirs. You learn how time slowed down for each person based on how much time they spent moving around during the day relative to the reference frame of your geographic location. The “speed of light” would be set at around 60 mph. We could challenge users to try to use the app’s clock to coordinate events by predicting the relativistic effects of their travel.

Funnel Stage 2

Black and White Concept Art: These ideas come with sketches for you to see where we are headed.

Scroll through the gallery for examples:


Funnel Stage 3
Fleshed-Out Concepts: We take one or two of the concepts that you liked, or one that we have collaborated with you on, and flesh them out. These ideas are fully baked concepts, ready for collaborative adjustments and approval.

Funnel Stage 4
Alpha Concept: Once the concept is chosen, we provide fully developed color concept art and collaboratively adjust the aesthetics of all art so that the vision is accurately conveyed.


Funnel Stage 5
360 Concept Art and Prototypes: With 360 degree art, you can sense what the project will feel like in virtual reality. Optional prototypes bring harder to explain concepts to life for demonstration. We spec this out for a range of scopes matching various budgets.

Example: For a multi-national telecommunications client, we created this 360 concept art for an epic experience in space.

Click the Image Below to see it in 360



A couple of key scenes shown in concept art is enough to nail down the aesthetic. There is no limit to the color concept art we can do for you, so you tell us to what extent you need to see this vision defined, and we'll make it happen, ready for production.

To see your experience in full, we will create black and white storyboards.

Example: Capital One: The Path Forward: