Studio Transcendent partners with AppliedVR to create a VR experience to lower anxiety and manage pain

A therapeutic experience designed to manage acute pain and reduce stress before a medical procedure, Guided Relaxation provides a peaceful environment with a warm fire, ocean waves, and birds circling in a beautiful sky.  

The guided meditation employs elements of this environment seamlessly.  As the user follows the path of the birds, they move closer.  A calm voice encourages the user to let his or her thoughts go like a spark from the flame, disappearing into the night sky.  The sound of the ocean helps lead to deep breathing.  The user gazes into the fire and becomes aware of his heart beat.

This spring, patients at the Cedars-Sinai Hospital tested the experience and received positive feedback.  Although originally created to soothe patients in a hospital setting, Guided Relaxation could also prove a valuable tool to help alleviate the symptoms of PTSD, relax before a difficult event, or simply wind down after a stressful day.

Co-Founder Aaron Nicholson sought to design an experience based on the life-enhancing time that he spent on the central coast of California.

Bringing the essence of the Big Sur coastline to the experience was important to me and AppliedVR’s founder Dave Sackman. Both of us have experienced the majesty of that place.  We wanted to bring that feeling to people in settings in which they could most use the influence that it had upon us. When you are in a hospital setting, you wish for a setting like Big Sur, and now people can have a taste of that.

As he has been immersed in its creation, Co-Founder John Dewar has found Guided Relaxation extremely helpful:

I have spent many hours in Guided Relaxation myself, and I find it very effective.  It was a very tough project.  It was a very tight deadline.  But I wasn’t too stressed out about it -- probably because I was testing it every day. So, there’s an advantage to working on a meditation application.

Working on this project has strengthened Studio Transcendent’s partnership with AppliedVR, a “medical VR solutions company with a mission to create positive change by using immersive technology to solve big societal problems.”  Studio Transcendent and AppliedVR are currently developing a second edition of Guided Relaxation as well as additional VR experiences that will address other aspects of health and wellness.

Dewar recently summed up Studio Transcendent’s experience with Guided Relaxation:

This was our biggest project yet in terms of the crew.  We had a lot of people working on it, and we were able to deliver it in a very compressed timeline.  It was a great learning experience, and, moving forward, we’re going to do even more complicated projects and do things even better and faster in the future.  That’s an exciting place to be for Studio Transcendent.


Note:  Guided Relaxation was originally named Anxiety Reliever.