We provide end-to-end sound solutions for your VR experience, game, video, television show, film, or other medium. Our offerings include music composition, music production, sound design, voice over production, sound programming, adaptive music, and spatial audio.

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Below is our first piece produced fully in house. Rapid Fire: A Brief History of Flight is featured on most VR distribution outlets, and has gained a wealth of fanfare from around the globe. The 360 spatial audio adds wonderful presence to this experience. View the video, and if you have a VR rig, check it out on Oculus Home.

This piece was made for AT&T Adworks to help unveil their new multi-million dollar Media Lab in Rockefeller Center in New York City. We created every sound from scratch. Media Post called the experience "mind-blowing" and it is currently being used by their AT&T's teams across the country for B2B sales. All sound effects except the robot arm sounds were created in-studio with a synthesizer. All other music, dialog, and sound were created by us from scratch as well.

Below is AYEM, made for Dannon foods, an interactive and game-oriented journey through the body that educates on proteins and omega 3 DHA and how they affect the brain and muscles. All music and sounds were created from scratch, in-house. We also cast, directed, recorded, and edited the dialog.

ACT (below) was a project for Cedars Sinai Medical Group that is currently in testing for patients with chronic pain. We collaborated with medical advisors to translate existing methodologies into an effective chronic pain management VR application. The experience integrates biometric breath feedback using a breath monitor, as well as a heart rate monitor. The music was created to be modular and we used Elias Engine to create an adaptive soundtrack that brings in different sonic elements depending on the user's heart rate coherence as measured by the sensors. The music was also output at 5 different tempos to match settings that practitioners can adjust to match the patient's ideal breath-rate.

Full audio files for AT&T Space Dive.