AT&T AdWorks works directly with national brand clients and media agencies to develop and execute advanced TV, digital, and cross-screen addressable advertising campaigns.

Their marketing theme in 2017 was “boldly go where addressable tv advertising has never gone before,” accompanied with space themed imagery. The idea was that their advertising even reaches space. 


The Approach

  1. Develop an epic space-themed experience to stun and inform industry executives and business clients, taking them through an emergency evacuation procedure from a massive space station.
  2. Integrate hand controllers to maximize immersion and align the design with their new media lab in Rockefeller Center.
  3. Create a story arc that allows the user to feel an emotional response within the  4-5 minute experience.
  4. Integrate AT&T AdWorks branding, color scheme, and message playfully and comfortably throughout the user’s journey.

With a rapid timeline and an “out of this world” concept, our team had to act fast and seamlessly with the client to make sure that design and functionality met purpose and story. We had to deduce the physics of a person being propelled into outer space, void of gravity, by a massive rotating space station orbiting earth and thrillingly guide them to their return ship.

Our team developed several concepts and honed in on the final one with the client. We custom-developed all art assets for the project, including the massively intricate space station. We fashioned the interaction pathway and coordinated with our stellar team of artists and designers to make sure that we were on time for a hard deadline for the Media Lab opening.

Our developers worked on the physics of space as a team of digital artists designed every bell and whistle of this beautiful overview-effect-inducing experience. Greenscreen video was shot and voice over sessions were tracked. A completely custom score and sound effects library were created and integrated. Our producers even went onsite to help launch the experience with the client’s teams in NYC & San Diego.


Space Dive is being used by AT&T AdWorks with clients and teams around the country. Already having activated in New York (on-going at AT&T Adworks’ brand new Media Lab), San Diego, and Beverly Hills, the experience has been deployed on powerful laptop VR systems throughout the US in support of the outside sales team’s meetings with clients regarding AT&T Adworks addressable advertising services.



AT&T AdWorks wanted an experience to accompany the launch of their state-of-the-art AdWorks Media Lab located in Rockefeller Plaza in New York City.  This new interactive space has been designed to inspire marketers and bring their unique advertising capabilities to life. We were thrilled to help them showcase the power of VR with what MediaPost described as a "mind-blowing" virtual reality experience. This is exactly what we were aiming for. 

This branded experience finds you sitting in a luxurious futuristic living-room aboard a massive space station. With your touchscreen wrist display and 100 inch television in front of you showcasing a live-feed from a fellow astronaut, you are alerted that you lost track of time watching Direct TV, and missed your return ship home. Time for an emergency evacuation procedure! Traveling by elevator to one of the inner rings of the space station, the air-lock depressurizes and reveals a stunning view of Earth 10,000 feet below, as the massive structure slowly spins outside of Earth's atmosphere. You must take a leap and jump down to the return ship.  Using the spinning momentum of the space station, you float mysteriously through the gigantic dual rings of the station, using Oculus Touch hand-controllers to trigger your thrusters to guide you into the docking bay of your return ship. The first step isn't easy, but the fall is a more docile version of our other experience, "The Ledge."

We had a challenge of not wanting to sacrifice scope, against our biggest rush deadline to-date. We carefully managed our development process and exuded a stellar work ethic that brought a wonderful experience to life.

In 2017, the experience traveled across the country with AT&T AdWorks, accompanying their reps as they sold their services into their global brand partners. 

Watch the full VR Experience below: